NComputing's ultra low-cost virtual desktop solution has been selected as the preferred technology by the Government of Punjab for it’s IT Labs project. The Punjab government has Great resolve to revolutionize education and make it reachable to all.
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NComputing X-series virtual desktops

NComputing virtual desktops share the excess power of standard PCs and make computing simple and affordable. You save money by sharing the cost of a single PC among multiple users. And your users feel like they each have their own PC while they simultaneously share common applications—including web browsers, e-mail, office suites, and multimedia. Every user has their own keyboard, screen, settings, applications, and data files, so their experience is just like it would be if they were working at an independent PC.

Features X350 X550
Low-profile PCI card


Device ports
Maximum users (1 kit)
Maximum users (2 kits)
Widescreen to 1440 x 900
Standard to 1280 x 1024

NComputing X-SERIES Overview

Save money, time, and aggravation

  • Efficiently share one PC with up to 11 users
  • Dramatically reduce acquisition & support costs
  • Easy to set up, maintain, and secure
  • Exceptional multimedia performance
  • Supports Windows and Linux
  • Compact and reliable
  • Energy-efficient (just 1 watt per user)

Installs in minutes

An X-series kit includes vSpace virtualization software, access devices, and a PCI card. Install the card into a standard PC, connect the access devices with standard cables, install the software, and you are all set. If you need USB peripherals, simply connect them to the computer and our software will let you assign each device to an individual user. Want your desk space back? The highly compact X-series access devices mount directly to the back of VESA-compliant monitors.

vSpace software creates virtual desktops
vSpace creates an independent workspace for each user on the shared computer. Each workspace is a virtual desktop that looks and feels just like it would on a standalone PC. Users interact with their virtual desktop through their X-series access device, which connects directly to the included PCI card.

Two models to choose from
Choose the X350 if you are using PCs with low-profile PCI slots or if you only want to add a few users to each PC. Choose the X550 if your PCs have full-height PCI slots and if you want to maximize the number of users per PC. When using two kits in a PC, use matched sets.

If you have users who need to be more than 10 meters away from the shared computer, choose the L-series L-130 & L-230 instead.

If all of your users are clustered in workgroups and are all close to the shared computers and you would like to add one desktop at a time , consider the U-series




X350: 4 users


X350: 6 users


X550: 7 users


X550: 11 users

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