NComputing's ultra low-cost virtual desktop solution has been selected as the preferred technology by the Government of Punjab for it’s IT Labs project. The Punjab government has Great resolve to revolutionize education and make it reachable to all.
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More public computing access for less
In libraries, conference centers, and Internet cafes, you want to provide the most access for the lowest cost. Wouldn't it be nice if you had to buy and maintain fewer PCs? You can! Today's PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of applications only use a small fraction of the PC's capacity. Our low-cost virtualization software and hardware tap the unused capacity and share it with other users. Each user gets their own PC experience, but you buy and maintain fewer PCs. The solution is rugged and durable, so your access stations stay up and running and need less maintenance. Plus, electric consumption goes down by about 90%. Now you can put an end to those long waits for a computer without breaking your budget.

Solutions for:
  • libraries
  • Internet cafes
  • business centers
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