NComputing's ultra low-cost virtual desktop solution has been selected as the preferred technology by the Government of Punjab for it’s IT Labs project. The Punjab government has Great resolve to revolutionize education and make it reachable to all.
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About Us
NConnexion is one of Pakistan’s leading I.T. solution provider. The company is committed to propagate and offer solutions based on our vision for “A Cost Effective Alternate to Desktop Computers”. As a NComputing distributor and authorized service center for Pakistan & Afghanistan We specialize in providing and implementing economical computer access, with maximum possible desktop usage from the already in place IT infrastructure resource using PC Sharing & virtualization concepts.

We at NConnexion take pride in introducing this revolutionary proven technology used by NComputing in Pakistan. Our objective is focused on meeting all the computing needs of the small and medium enterprises (SME). Specially, the small financial institutions, micro and agriculture mobile banks operating in far flung remote and rural areas of Pakistan.

The Company also looks forward to work with government organizations and NGO’s for the development of small computer literacy centers in Pakistan’s rural areas to providing computer aided education to the deprived people and children belonging to these areas. Since the technology model and devices we offer are durable and secure with almost 90% reduction on electricity needs, they are adaptable in the remotest areas even where there is no proper supply of electricity. Due to the low power consumption needs of the devices we can implement this technology in areas which do not rely on conventional but alternative energy source of electricity.
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