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NComputing's ultra low-cost virtual desktop solution has been selected as the preferred technology by the Government of Punjab for it’s IT Labs project. The Punjab government has Great resolve to revolutionize education and make it reachable to all.
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vSpace™ Desktop and Application Virtualization Platform

Radically simple, incredibly powerful and the most affordable to acquire and maintain

vSpace is a fully integrated end to end desktop and application virtualization platform that utilizes NComputing innovations designed to work together to drive efficiencies and cut costs while delivering the features and performance equal to, or better than a dedicated PC user endpoint device.

vSpace is the ideal choice for organizations looking to take full advantage of the benefits of Desktop Virtualization, but do not have large budgets or IT staffs to deal with the typical high cost and high complexity associated with acquiring, deploying and maintaining a destop virtualization solution, making it a perfect fit for the SME, SMB and education markets.

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Powerful Access to Virtual Desktop Workspaces

The vSpace solution approach resolves the proliferation of devices, applications and user needs by creating a centralized resource that puts the power of virtual desktops into IT management’s hands. IT can then deliver access to users’ personalized workspaces using a variety of devices for a high-quality desktop experience. IT can manage and scale both the infrastructure and the access devices as the vSpace deployment grows.

Key Benefits

  • An End-to-End, Fully Integrated Desktop Virtualization Platform
  • Superior user experience with desktop roaming and high performance multimedia
  • Reduces desktop computing acquisition and management costs
  • Increases productivity by enabling users to work securely from anywhere with any device
  • 4 million seats deployed, used every day by 20 million users in 140 countries
  • Unified, centralized manageability for IT
  • Flexibility and agility for the business


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