NComputing's ultra low-cost virtual desktop solution has been selected as the preferred technology by the Government of Punjab for it’s IT Labs project. The Punjab government has Great resolve to revolutionize education and make it reachable to all.
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We give you all three pieces
The breakthrough NComputing solution includes three key components: vSpace™ desktop virtualization software, the UXP communications protocol, and very durable access devices. We combine these three components into a tightly integrated solution for unmatched performance at the lowest possible cost.

vSpace allows simultaneous access
Most PCs are set up with multiple user accounts. Each user gets their own software, settings, screen colors, and so on. But only one person can use the PC at a time. NComputing changes all that. Our vSpace desktop virtualization software allows all of the accounts to be used at the same time.

How vSpace works
NComputing vSpace divides the computer's resources into independent virtual workspaces that give each user their own rich PC experience. vSpace handles the desktop display and remote activities from the user’s keyboard and mouse (through the access device).

The best communications protocol available
To get a great remote user experience, you need a great communications protocol. It's the way the screen image (as well as keyboard and mouse data) gets from the shared PC to the access device, and vice versa. NComputing developed its optimized and highly efficient User eXtension Protocol (UXP) for users who demand a rich PC experience. UXP can handle it all—including multimedia applications such as streaming video and Flash, plus USB.

Flexible networking
vSpace virtual desktops normally share the host's IP address, but some third party applications need each user to have a unique IP address. NIU (NComputing IP Utility) is supplied for Windows platforms and can give the option for every virtual desktop to use a unique IP address.

Choose Windows or Linux
NComputing vSpace runs on a variety of Windows operating systems, as well as several varieties of Linux. Virtualization software like this is very powerful, and it can be expensive and out of reach for many customers. Not anymore: vSpace is included in the price of our desktop virtualization kits.

Over a decade of development
vSpace software has been developed and refined for over 12 years, and gives millions of users affordable access to computing every day.

A finely tuned solution
Turning one computer into multiple virtual desktops requires both hardware and software. Industry leader NComputing bundles their vSpace™ desktop virtualization software with small boxes (also known as access devices or thin clients) for a finely tuned complete solution. NComputing has various models, varying mostly in how the clients connect to the shared computer. Each of the three cabling options described below has its own advantages.

If all of your users are clustered in workgroups and are all close to the shared computers, consider the X-series (lowest cost) or U-series (add one desktop at a time).

If you have users who need to be more than 10 meters away from the shared computer, choose the L-series L-130 & L-230


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